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Telemetry Server Software
The acquired and transmitted values are stored and processed in the emo_ohtlgrid platform.
The standard operation modus enables a datastorage for 20 years.
The database is designed for fast data processing and handling of huge amount of data.
In comparison to SQL based systems emo_ohtlgrid achieves a hundred times better performance.
Different kind of graphical data display can be choosen.
Automatic handover to existing northbound systems can be done via XML, filetransfer(ftp) or IEC command Structures (IEC 101, 104).
Dataexport into Oracle systems is realized.
Adaptions to specificly used protocols can be achieved with convincing economic effort.
picture description:
red: Humidity
green: ambient Temperature
black and blue: Line Temperatures
brown: Solar Radiation
turquoise: Wind Speed

red: Humidity, green: ambient Temperature, black and blue: Line Temperatures, brown: Solar Radiation, turquoise: Wind Speed