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Mounted on the pylon by using a clamp design (mountingkit emo_mktp).
The reach for wireless data transmission between the sensors and the base station: 60m.
Safe and reliable acquisition of all values from all monitored lines and meteorological sensors on the pylon.

  • Up to 6 line sensors and meteorological sensors (emo meteosense HV700 or HV 700S) can be connected to the base station.
  • The rechargeable battery in the base station is feeded by a solarpanel and/or a windturbine. Bridging time appr. 10 days.
  • Flexible adjustment of the transmission interval.
  • Batteryvoltage of the sensors and the base station, GSM fieldstrength, fieldstrength of the radiolink to the line sensors and the internal temperature
    of the base station are recorded and transmitted to the database.
  • Positioning based on GSM cellinformation will be indicated.